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Monday, October 8, 2007

Okay, Better

This helps. It's Sizzle, by Wendy at Knit and Tonic. I am making it out of some stash yarn I got on clearance at my LYS last year. It is GGH Solitaire, and I have made some arm warmers out of it this yarn before (in a light kiwi color), so I am familiar with the yarn. It has some lycra in it so I am making it a size smaller so I can wear it fitted. We will see!
I am feeling a little more focused since I actually spent some time in the office. I have labeled my walls with post-its indicating which sides and corners do what Feng Shui-wise! I think I can make an impact right away, especially if I get right to it! I am watching a Property Ladder marathon, which seems to fit the bill television therapy wise, especially since Rock of Love is over with!! I just keep watching the message boards. My other current fave is Life of Ryan, I seem to be relating to the parents as well as the kids. I am even fantasizing about the parents working things out because I feel sorry for the kids. It does look as though they are moving on with their lives. I guess housewives need a little soap opera in their day even if they are working.

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