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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Plugging Along

Hey Everyone,

I am checking in to tell you everything is good. I am chugging away at the business, and things are running, well, fairly smoothly at home. We suddenly realized that due to either the foundation moving, or a pre-existing problem getting worse, that our kitchen tile is detatching itself from it's subfloor! There is a huge bubble in the middle of the room and since it is ceramic, I am just ready for the cracks and the shards to come up, yikes! We have such a money pit. I am desperate to work on this house but I am just so sick of all of the new things that come up and the fact that EVERY DARNED ROOM has at least one light bulb burned out or one plug that doesn't work. I don't care how busy anybody is anymore, I have said it before and I will say it again, "We can't live like this!" I am over it. But guess what, I can't take much more DIY, either. Other than that, I am happy as a clam.

Today I get to do a little work, and then I get to have a nice little break. I am going to make sure the house is cute and maybe even get the car cleaned out. Hooray!

Friday, January 4, 2008

It Is Stormy

Hi there,

We are experiencing some heavy rain here in the Bay Area, and I am coincidentally climbing the walls. Could it be that I am actually ready to leave the four walls of home, for once? But alas it is terrible weather and possibly unsafe. I love this kind of stuff but I know I shouldn't be going anywhere with the guys. I do love to get out, but when I am ready. Believe me, I am ready.

I am rounding the finishing corner of my Nevis jacket, also from A Season's Tale. I started to estimate the yardage and I knew that I should go short sleeved. But now I realize that I should have picked a more fitted style, the sleeves are going to be loosey-goosey, but I think I can make it look great if I wear the right top underneath or get a little tan on my arms! I want it to look great in Chicago! I have never worn an alpaca SWEATER before, just my scarf, which was a tad itchy, but I think this stuff is just cuddly. No itch here. This Baby Alpaca grande is so dreamy. I can't find the battery charger for my camera so I will wait for Rob to take some pictures to post photos,look for it!

The office is workable and I ordered a bed and it showed itself Wednesday by way of the PennySaver. It is the exact make that is on our Master Bed! Verry comfy Spring Air. I think our guests will be very happy with it. I hear the ominous voice of Denise saying, "Don't put a bed in your spare room, because someone will always be in it", meaning there will be a freeloader in your future. This was 15-odd years ago advice, so I would love to think that we have all moved on! Anyway, I have a cute place in the office to nap, read and to watch movies on the laptop now-yay!