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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sewing Finally

My sewing machine is working beautifully even if it sounds like Pac-Man. I have no idea where I am going with this skirt I am making- it is definitely not my colorway and I am appalled at the size I had to cut out, but we will see if I have improved my sewing skills of late. I just like doing things to look nice now. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right. I just want to nest and work on the house, I guess I cannot do everything. I want the house to look better NOW! I did not help matters starting to scrape that front door, but I know it will look so much better in the end. I am actually excited at the prospect of stripping those cabinets in the halllway. They really are nice and fifties so I would like to keep them if I could. I want some old cabinets now in good condition and reuse them. That is what sounds good to me. I might even want a fifties table in the kitchen and a floor that would go with all of that. Now the ideas are flowing. I need to work my business smartly so that I am not having to stress all of the time and I can concentrate on these things when the mood strikes. OK, I don't like wood chips anymore, my yard is a disaster zone- it looks like a jungle! It so needs to get cleaned out. I have so many options to weigh now, I cannot wait to make them a reality. I will be posting some of this sewing soon, stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today I actually have some energy. I do not know if I will finish the painting that I started earlier this week, but I should be able to complete a few rooms and feel 'together'. I need to restart my creative life like I was talking about. There is a fly in here that is driving me CRAZY. Like insane. It is landing in my hair,my foot, taunting me and evading my swats. I am going to go absolutely cookoo on him in a sec here. Can't take it. I will be focusing on laundry and tidying today, and finish up the kitchen- why is the housework always chasing me? I had called Merry Maids last week to request and estimate, and my appointment was yesterday, but I called them 2 hours before and cancelled. I let them know that I have 'control issues', and cannot let someone else come do it for me. Yard work I can justify- but housework? No way. My house is too small, I think I have no excuse there.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Visual On the Inside, Not Outside

I had a thought, but I forgot it. Oh, it will come to me in just a sec. I managed to tip over a box AND mess up a fingernail all in a seconds' time. Oh YES! I remembered! Wow, that was quick. Are you dying yet? OK, it is time to finish my QUILT! Yes, that one! My 7 year old just got fabric glue in a handprint shape on my cheapy IKEA bedspread on the guest bed, so I decided it is finally time to get rid of it. I don't want to go and BUY a bedspread, I looked before but I was not in love with anything at Target at all. So I got the idea to cute that bed up with the quilt. It is my Dresden plate vine-trimmed one, and I started it when we were first married and I was on an oil tanker with Rob heading up the West Coast from Long Beach to Portland. I actually pieced all of the plates by hand and have been sitting on it ever since. I was kind of struggling with my skills and I decided I was tired of doing things inaccurately, and I did not have the patience at the time to read up and figure out what the right way was, so I put it aside. I picked it up again about 4 years ago for long enough to figure out how to make perfectly round circles with freezer paper, thanks to a book and my MIL Lorie, who is extremely proficient in quilting. I was also having some seam allowance problems that threatened to derail the entire project. So my motivation is to get the house in order quickly so that I can reward myself with some supreme crafty time. Pictures are just a bit too ambitious for me today but I will get back to you to let you know if this actually going to get off the ground soon.