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Monday, December 31, 2012

Before the New Year Begins

Goodbye 2012, I am ready to be done with you. This year has not been especially eventful, but it has been happy and peaceful. I feel satisfied that I took some risks and decided to be proactive with a lot of things in my life, and persist with the things I want to accomplish, even when I am tired or lose enthusiasm...I guess I developed more discipline. I usually make a few modest resolutions every year...keep house cleaner, be more organized, do yoga more, etc., but somehow the only thing I have been able to come up with this year is to finish my projects. I really love making and mending and being thrifty, so I want to polish up that corner of my life...I have 2 tubs of yarn and 2 tubs of fabric here at home. The fabric is mostly stash and the yarn is mostly leftover. I also want to spend more time on my etsy store, even if it is just for fun and sharing and expression...and providing a valuable service! I am thinking that we will begin our relocation process is about a week to two weeks. Our visa application is going in at the end of the week and then it is a matter of travel arrangements and getting our house packed up! So excited to be going to London! I have visions of jogging with the dogs in Hampstead Heath (we intend to live in Hampstead within walking distance of the Heath and Hampstead tube station). I cannot wait to get acquainted with some knitters and sewists over there as well. Who knows what the adventure will bring? Whatever it is, I feel ready. Cheers, and Happy New Year!!