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Friday, November 23, 2007

Family Balance is Fun!

Hi there,

I am really happy to say that I have been acheiving what I have been bitching and whining that I have never been able to create. Some order and peace on a sustainable level. Just hanging out at home does make a difference.

Our Thanksgiving was very nicely quiet and simple. We had a lot of food, mostly done by Rob, and I had a day of knitting, playing with the kids and TV specials! Today is another TV specials day, it's OK because it is all of the Christmas kids' specials early this year. I am a little tired of cartoons, though.

My vest is never going to get worn because the sizing seems to be all wrong, and there is no way I want to undo it...the yarn was never purchased for a specific project anyway. I am actually in a sprint to finish this Charlotte pullover sweater from A Season's Tale in the maroon Kid Classic that Rob brought me from a yarn shop in Southport, England last year. I really petered out on it last year when I kept forgetting to change needle sizes from ribbing to stockinette and pretty soon everything was weird on it. I ended up frogging each and every piece save for the back and started over the other day. I have the front done,one sleeve nearly done and I left the other sleeve down by the ribbing. I wanted to have one sleeve done last night but that was really over-ambitious.

Rob has been at work on the house decorations all day today, he loves being the first! It makes me feel very competent being married to a man who is on top of his seasons. He is starting to hatch strange ideas about where to hang wreaths- from the accent mock-pulley in the front beam of the house? Smack in the middle of our upstairs top center window? That blank wall in our covered porch? I think wreaths are for doors but since this one lights up and the cord would have to go to where there is no power, he is trying to think of something else. The house looks awesome!! Thomas got to get on the roof today, too, which was a big adventure for him. Nicky wanted to go to the hardware store with Daddy and cry-cryed until he fell asleep, and Jack was just Mr. Awesome as usual. I am really, really content right now and it has to do with pulling my own environment together as well as I can and getting some help from my family, too!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


My house is a little bit out of order today. We have THREE sick boys home today, not even preschool for Nick! I am determined to keep things calm and still have a productive day of tidy and fun. I have the sewing machine running, because new clothes are a necessity and clothes money in not an option right now. I will get my work done first, and then clean and play. I'll let you know how it goes! Did I ever show you the Noro Silk Garden Clapotis? I think I am getting ready to send it off to Elaine now, it really needs its home and I hope she loves it and knows how much she is appreciated. She took care of Grandma for many years and told me purple is her favorite color, so there you go!
I don't know much about poor Pete Dougherty and my heart goes out to him for his drug addiction that I hear has the best of him again, but I love his band name to pieces-Babyshambles. I relate to it to the core of my being! It describes the condition of my house most of the time and makes me laugh when I should be crying. So I have to give him props for that. Hats off and fight your demons!