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Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Day, Same Mess

I must have some kind of a mental block when it comes to cleaning that I cannot break through.

I need to do that self talk thing where you say, "I can make choices that change my outcome". But really, this is kind of where I am at right now, and I have my head down shoveling and whenever an obstacle comes up, I freeze. It doesn't matter if the obstacle is a kid trashing or dropping brown sugar all over the floor or some email stating some kind of problem that is my problem all of a sudden (which it may or may not be). I have another meeting on Tuesday. time to call in the reinforcements. I cannot stand it. I need things done. Maybe I just need to get a sitter for a few hours while I do it. I am going to try and spend at least one hour in each room detailing it before then; then I would feel great. I am not too worried that sheer panic and embarassment will carry me through but I am also not happy abou thow it all ran last month with the heckling,the goofing and the breaking up of my meeting, I need to make it all more official and structured, and insert a lot more fun and informative. I need to find out what we are doing! I was inspired by reading that I affect my environment vibrationally and have the ability to transform things by the way I choose to move through the world. Now I just need about another 10 hours in the day.

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