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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Fun

We are ready for a fun and low-key Halloween this year. No visitors except the candy seeking kind, maybe just a little trick-or-treating and passing out the candy, an early warm dinner, and some knitting for mommy! I do have a little work to do on the phone, but I think I can get that done early this evening or tomorrow.

We are in search this afternoon for a green t-shirt for Nicky's Peter Pan outfit and a full costume that Thomas finds acceptable. I really do have a little bit of work to do before I can relax- but I need to. I just want to watch movies and knit and snack!

Rob is home now and I had a fantastic weekend in Portland/Vancouver! I am just glad there were no expensive mistakes. My favorite times were watching Bailey at her soccer final and my plane ride home after having a nice brew and reading Vanity Fair, such a simple pleasure. the garlic fries were great, too. I think I am going to live now that Rob is home, it was really hard this time having him gone for some reason, I feel not only safer but more complete. I forgot how that is such a reality when he is here.

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