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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Think of the Possiblities

Two weeks ago, my bad knee started feeling unhappy. From achy and sore one afternoon to unable to walk without pain or straighten by the next morning. A visit to the chiropractor confirmed the worst: time to go see an orthopedic surgeon. After removing the loose piece of cartilage from my knee joint, the surgeon found it appropriate to drill quite a few holes in the femur where the cartilage came off. It will require that am on crutches and do absolutely NO weight bearing activity for six weeks. No stepping or driving on that leg. Dragging myself around to do anything right now is exhausting. So, I am happy to do things that I can do sitting! I had brought my sewing projects downstairs to the dining room and I actually sewed left footed yesterday. It worked out fine and we set the ironing board up next to me super low so that I could easily turn and press my pieces; it worked so well I may incorporate this into my sewing routine forever! The Texas Renaissance Festival is coming up and I really need to get my friends' costumes completed -the last thing I want to do is stress them out. So those are going to be the first projects in the can. After that, I have a nice stack of dress fabric that I will be ready to turn into some great things. Rob and I also did a duct tape mannequin of myself so that I can fit my personal garments on that. I can't stand up straight right now, so fitting on myself is out. I have got some cute dotted swiss cotton that I am going to turn into Vintage Vogue 8728
I have seen some great versions of this dress and I am excited to give it a go! Also, I purchased some nice navy blue cotton pique, I was thinking it could turn into either Vintage Vogue 1084
or perhaps, Vintage Vogue 2902
That's a start! For this very moment I am looking forward to enjoying the gorgeous pork loin dinner that our neighbor brought over for us, while watching The Young Victoria and knitting my Good Bias Shrug by Lisa Daehlin from IK way back in 2005.
Life is great, in a way, even if I have been forced to slow down. I wouldn't be able to do it without my great family and friends to help out!

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