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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Joann Coupons...Energizing Lifeforce,or Just Comforting Ritualistic Behavior?

Today I went to Joann's. I also went yesterday, but I had to abandon everything and leave. I was on a mission of picking up every trinket on sale I thought I needed, and picking out some fabulous Red Tag clearance at half off of the regular price. Yesterday and today I looked at the wait at the cutting counter and I knew that there was no way I was even going to try it. No fabric for me this weekend, it was a mob. I am telling you, crafty ladies are crazy, y'all...we flock to that store with our coupons. And there are ALWAYS coupons. Last week I used every one that I had in my purse, my email and my phone,and all of a sudden I realized that I was going to have to wait almost an entire week to shop with a coupon and I actually felt a little bummed out. My behavior is a little obsessive, I was online plotting the ten McCall's Patterns I could select for a dollar apiece, and the ten Vogue Patterns I could get for $3.99 apiece when this Labor Day Sale begins. I always carry the mailer around in my purse so that I can look at it when I am bored and contemplate each item that I can get at a deep discount and what I can do with it. I scan the fabrics online and visualize where in the store it is located so I can find it easily when I get there. Who am I kidding, I need help. I did do pretty well for myself in the store otherwise, though. Two packs of scrapping cardstock for the boys and me, the correct Viking bobbins for sure this time, a cool pill organizer to organize my sewing machine feet, and candy for the boys who have been unbelievably cooperative and sweet this weekend! Also two dress patterns, a shirtwaist and a sheath, both McCall's. Sorry no numbers or links yet! I did feel inspired by both of them and I felt they could really work for me so I cannot wait to find out and I'll most likely show you then. Something weird that happened, I also bought a new tomato pincushion to replace my old one, it's strawberry emery was missing and it was pretty beat up, so when I unwrapped the new one I was tossing the old one and I thought, "I know there's a LOT of needles in there, I had better cut it open over the wastebasket (because I know it is full of sawdust) and get them out." I was not prepared for the number of needles I found in there. there were at least SIXTY of them, in all shapes and sizes. A lot of them were quilt betweens, very short and tiny, and ideal for disappearing. Back when I was hand quilting (before children), I would load up five or six needles at a time with thread so I could just quilt away with minimal interruptions, so it doesn't surprise me that some could disappear into the abyss of the tomato. Right now we are getting a little rain from the very edge of Tropical Storm Lee. It is very soft and calm and I am glad for it for now. The boys have two guests sleeping over and the house is nice and quiet in bed and I am just feeling lucky that it all turned out this way. I hope it stays rainy and mellow all weekend, that would make great sewing weather. My friend whom I am sewing the Renaissance costumes for is coming over tomorrow and I she is going to provide moral support while I construct. She doesn't sew but maybe she will by the time we are done! Cheers.

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