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Friday, September 2, 2011

It's All About Texas, and Sewing

Hi friends, in the last year we have relocated to Texas and are into our second school year here. We love it! We have some wonderful neighbors and a beautiful new home. I feel very spoiled and undeserving of this awesome home and lifestyle, yet it is fun because it makes me feel like more of a real grown up and comforted that I keep a nice house like my mother did:) At any rate, my husband loves his new job and the kids are in a great school system that we have high hopes for them in. One great thing-I got a special sewing space of my own. My neighbor asked if I wanted her desk and matching craft table-turns out it was perfect for the space and my needs. Now I feel like I can spend the whole day up there sewing and crafting. I have been working on re-organizing my already fair system up there. I currently have two renaissance costumes I need to finish, five Halloween costumes, stacking roman shades for the whole house and exercise wear; but the only things I really want to make are dresses! We are currently awaiting Tropical Storm Lee. I really don't expect much of anything to happen to us, just some nice sewing and movie watching weather. I just hope we don't lose power.

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