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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Any Last Thoughts?

Yes, I do have a lot of catching up to do. I'll try and contain my post losing anxiety and get all the sewing wrapped up here. I don't have a picture of everything I have sewn but let's see what I do have. Maybe I will snap some pics of what I have done after I get this all up.
Style Pattern- I can't find them online! Too lazy to run upstairs and check the number. It is my go-to dress pattern. I have made at least three of these.
Love the concept, NOT the fabric. This needed an allover cheetah or leopard print, and the collar came out really heavy. It already went to Goodwill! Sorry.
McCall's asymetrical top for New Year's Eve. I have since accepted the need to make my size and not subject my muffin top for public viewing. Pictures are important to help me realize this.
A SUPER PINK Lisette Pattern by Simplicity in Lisette Fabric! I did a great job and I love them but where will I ever wear it? I do wear the skirt with a tank top and tights frequently.
There was my New Look muumuu, shot on the island of Hawaii, on my lanai, with a mai tai! Aren't you glad I went all that way just to get a picture of it for you?
Here is what you can see of my Rachel Comey Vogue pattern in action...this pattern was kind of a bitch. It took me at least four days to sew with lots of pleats, full lining, french seams and lots of other designer specified procedures. I am glad she made me do it in the end because it is a nice design. The only problem is the woven stripes cause uneven pulling in the bust darts/pleats.
Walkaway Dress. I will never wear this!
That Style pattern again, done in a nice Lisette sateen.
Simplicity Project Runway Pattern, done in a Lisette twill print. I love this dress!
Sheer tunic made with fabric bought with birthday gift card to Joann's!
Here I am wearing another version of the Vintage Vogue dress. I look tired!
Well, that is about all I've got. I've got to finish this sweater before the Olympics are over! Thanks for visiting!

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