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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Caution Driver Knitting

Hi there,

I thought I would introduce myself by sharing a little bit of my creative life with you. I am a sewer and knitter, and a quilter at times. I consider scrapping and gardening to be the highest of Home Arts, along with cooking. Home improvement, housekeeping and organizing are my passions. I read at night and on vacations. Want to see my summer reading list? OK, I was hoping you'd say yes! In no particular order (because I am just pulling them out of my new bookbag one by one):

  1. Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan-just can't seem to continue right now!

  2. A House in Sicily by Daphne Phelps-didn't crack once

  3. Passenger to Frankfurt by Agatha Christie-done

  4. Posession, a Romance by A.S. Byatt-about 28 pages, definiety good but takes concentration to follow story line

  5. The Canturbury Tales by Chaucer-this is what I read when I can't fall asleep. I actually think it is really, really funny, though, and I truly have read over half of it.

  6. The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper-never cracked, it reminds me of Nelson's friend Anne Marie who was reading it about 15 years ago and thought I should probably read something different.

  7. A Passage to India by E.M. Forster-I think I will actually love this when I do read it, but as of yet I have not.

  8. The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver-about 5 chapters. Sad, depressing and ominous. I am afraid I cannot read books that decribe grief, pain or children suffering in too great of detail. I carry the sadness with me for too long, and If I try to ignore it, it just comes back to bite me later. So I left it at that.

So I guess it is a little ambitious but now that I have stated that I intend to read them I will just have to. Plus, I ended up giving the Doors book bag to Denise because she totally gets it. And me.

So, what did I really read?

Scarlett, the GWTW sequel;


An historical study of the Chesapeake Bay;

I wish I had more to report to you, but I seriously read Sherlock Holmes every night. I seem to forget enough about the stories to be able to re-visualize a whole new scene of the story every time once I get thought the entire series and back again!

I have a cute cottage but it is not fit for photos, I guess I could send a little demolition your way. This is from last fall and winter, which was out office and is now our two oldest's room, soon to be our middle and youngest's room. I love this color blue we ended up with; it is a little more denim-y than the hue we had before. The first photo is T in the new space, we had the walls and ceiling completely ripped out, then Rob rewired the whole thing including the end of the circuit which is up in another bedroom above (the wiring was 55 years old, cloth covered and dry as a bone, MAJOR fire hazard!) Then he redid everything and even constucted these ingenious structures to help push the drywall up to the ceiling and keep them in place while he screwed them in. Then, he leveled the sagging floor (a concrete slab) and then put down 3/4 inch plywood before laying the new wood floor. We love the results!

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