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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Progress Report: Week 2

I cranked out a pair of socks for Thomas. Lion Brand Magic Stripes, in a basic sock pattern. In hind sight I could have done 4 more stitches for a more roomy fit, but they will soon be replaced and likely be waiting for Nicholas soon, who won't mind the pink accents. I am going to try and destash as much as possible so if the kids get girly socks they can take 'em or leave them. I am nearly halfway through my Brach's Rib and Cable Socks, I think they are pretty cute and the first one feels like it is going to be yummy comfortable. That is about all I know right now, it is time to continue with a laundry quest and progress on the second sock. I am undecided, listening for which project is calling me right now. It will either be my Ribbon Trim Cardigan, the Central Park Hoodie or the Gathered Pullover. I didn't know I was a Viral Knitter until I checked out the group. Either I am really stream of consciousness-ish, or I have really good taste and so does everyone else. I did an informal experiment, I started to check people on Ravelry out who looked like they know what they are doing. Darned if 8 out of 10 of the 50 or so I checked of them had at least one pair of Jaywalkers, at least one Clapotis, among other things that we have all done. So I am not the only Viral KNitter out there, I think there is a little bit in all of us!! I have quite a few projects that I have not put up yet, I am thinking about putting up my geometric purses, I will have to put together the second one and analyze it to figure out how I did it!! Ooh, I'll have to do that! Laundry can wait...bye!

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