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Monday, November 17, 2008

Blissful Jacket

Here is the Blissful Jacket by Debbie Bliss from Interweave Knits, Fall 2005. I have had this yarn for several years, gifted to me from my Fairy Godmother. I really did not know what I should do with the yarn until I saw this jacket. I did the back of the sweater 2 years ago, and did at least one of the fronts, but I must have thought that I messed it up (I did not understand the collar directions and nervously frogged the front piece or pieces, I cannot remember if I did both of them). In hindsight, I think I did fine, I just panicked at the time. So, I am further than this picture now, I have done all of the parts, pinned and blocked, and seamed the shoulders and I am now doing the collar. Well, there is a mistake in the collar directions, but I figured out what to do. I did the first collar point well enough and continued on the rest, but I accidentally forgot to section off the second collar point and now I have to rip back about an inch of rows on the rest of the collar, no biggie! My only concern is the armpits, they seem high, and the length seems short, I may have to re-block and try and stretch the lengths out more. I will have to see if once it is seamed together if the armpits are comfortable, the width may make it more comfortable than it looks to be right now.

I am totally slacking off today. I forgot how to discipline myself to do actual work. I am a detestable lazy and spoiled person who has the nerve to think her life is hard, ever! Today, I just needed a quiet house to catch up on work and create. Right now, I feel like going to get a bite of lunch and procratinating a little more! I know what that means. It means I have no energy for the tasks in front of me. Time to get back into the proper time management quadrant!= not urgent and productive. At least I know better to pick up the knitting until this work is done. I am starting to get the comments from the spouse about all of the knitting I have been doing lately. Got to hide it better...

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